Lead A Trip

Want to help TSRA have some fun, and change people's lives. You don't have to be Eric Jackson to lead a TSRA trip, although if he calls we won't turn him down.  You DO need a moderate amount of skill, a desire to help people, and some common sense (OK, I know this eliminates some of you, but we're willing to overlook that last one.) 

If you have a favorite stream, trail, cave, or bike route that you'd like to show to others, please contact me and we'll put it on the Calendar!  I promise you won't be sorry.  You'll get a LOT in return!

The best way to get a trip setup is to fill out this online form.  You will get a better idea of what is required and how easy we make it, so you can lead a group trip!

Lets Go Paddlin' !
Photo By: Robert Pierce

For Questions about leading a trip, contact Deb Gilbertson

Official TSRA Trips are led by trained Trip Leaders who can help you have a safe and enjoyable trip. It's a great way to meet other boaters and paddle new rivers with proper support. Most trips require preregistration so that the Trip Leader knows how many participants to expect and how to contact you if weather or river conditions mean a change in plans. Speaking with the Trip Leader in advance also helps you and the Trip Leader determine if the trip you're interested in is right for you.

Although we attempt to provide full information as early as possible, some trips may not have detailed descriptions until a few weeks before the trip as plans often do not gel until that time. Please contact the Trip Leader directly if you have questions.

It is always a good idea to check with the Trip Leader shortly before the trip.  Water and weather conditions do change and plans may have to be altered.


Trip Leader and School Chair Resources

Note to Trip Leaders : All paddlers attending your trip must sign both a TSRA waiver and an ACA waiver form. In addition, we encourage trip leaders to carry copies of the ACA incident report form. Links to the waivers and the incident report form can be found below. 

Note to School Leaders: School Leaders should keep a copy of TSRA's Schools Emergency Plan.

If you are a TSRA Trip Leader and wish to lead a trip please click here to get your trip added to our calendar.  Generally, a minimum of one month advance notice is suggested (more notice is better!) in order to attract sufficient participants and to allow time to post the information.