Rendezvous Best Memories!

Below are just a few favorite memories from past years attendees.



Paige Skiba
At the live auction, I got into bidding war with David Pelren over a new REI Camp 4 tent. Now, every time I take my family camping, I think of the wigwam!



Lauralyn Chrisley

Getting my second combat roll on White Creek in Morgan County and catching an eddy in class I+. Everyone made a big deal!

Check out Lauralyn rolling on the river!



Renee Garside

Losing feeling in my leg on Clear Creek (Jett to Lilly). Woody helped me hobble through the bushes the last half of the run to the takeout where Brian Mayhew carried me up the stairs. I hobbled around on crutches back at camp and didn't get feeling back for six weeks.


Bob & Jean Pierce 
We've been going to Rendezvous for over 15 years. You never know what you'll get with the weather, but it doesn't matter. Rendezvous is always fun with the best people to hang with. And do we have stories, oh yes, but what happens at Rendezvous stays at Rendezvous!



Andrea White
We did an amazing trip on the Emory River (class II). We encountered beautiful scenery, a zillion huge fish mating at the surface of every rapid, and a pair of bald eagles pacing us down the river. It was magical. Rendezvous organizers were shaking their heads that a mere class II run got such a phenomenal response from paddlers ranging from beginners to class IV in skills. The reviews were so positive that another group of class III paddlers repeated the run the next day. It has become one of my favorite runs and some of the people I met on that trip have become friends and frequent paddle buddies.

Daniel Boone
Every year, I lead a group of up to 40 boats down the beautiful West Fork of the Obey River. Always total chaos at the put-in and shuttle! Class II-III rapids, beautiful, scenic waterfalls, blooming dogwoods and red buds, and great fellowship! Then last year, on Emory’s Nemo to Camp Austin trip, we saw two bald eagles and thousands of fish spawning. Even the takeout was an adventure! An individual, who will remain nameless, locked his keys in his car. Cell phone service was sketchy, but we managed to call a ranger out of Wartburg. The only reason he answered was because his caller ID said, “Daniel Boone.” He said, “How could I not answer?!”