2018 Board of Directors

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Gary WeatherfordGary Weatherford: President

Email: president@paddletsra.org 

Gary has served on the board for 4 years and served as Vice President in 2017.  He co-chaired TSRA Paddle School and is SWR Instructor ACA Level 4 certified as well as Kayak Instructor ACA Level 2 certified.  He has volunteered many hours for various events.

Goals: To continue the great work we have accomplished over the last few years and help TSRA activities expand across the state.

Deborah Gilbertson: Treasurer 

Email:  H20lily.deb@gmail.com 

Sally BarrSally Barr: Secretary

Email: barrsally56@gmail.com

Sally has served as secretary of the TSRA Board since 2011 and has been a TSRA member since 2004. She has been involved as chair, co-chair or volunteer of Canoe and Kayak School for 7 years. She has participated in and provided support for Lost Loon Triathlon, Basic River Rescue, Roll School, Swift Water Rescue, access builds and river clean ups.

Goals:  Sally has volunteered to work with a committee of TSRA members and other organizations to help in the development and production of a safe boating awareness campaign.  She will continue to assist and participate in fundraisers to support access builds and conservation efforts.

Gene BarrGene Barr

Email: hirambarr89@gmail.com

Gene was introduced to whitewater kayaking and TSRA through the Boy Scouts. He has been a member since 2004. He has assisted in instructing at Roll School, Canoe and Kayak School as well as volunteering at Lost Loon Triathlon and several river clean ups. 

Goals: Gene will be working toward ACA certification in Kayak instructor as well as Swift water rescue to better assist in the instruction of the safety and paddling clinics. 

Jessie BeckettJessie Beckett

Email: jbeckettphoto@comcast.net

Jessie has volunteered at Rendezvous, Canoe & Kayak School, Roll School, Rescue Skills for Recreational Boaters, Lost Loon, greenway dedication events, and waterway clean-ups.  She is also building her skills as a certified ACA instructor (river running & touring/sea-kayaking) as well as creating an adaptive paddling program in Middle Tennessee. Jessie has become the leader if the Nashville chapter of Team River Runner which reaches out to our military veterans as well as volunteering with Heroes on the Water.

Goals: To reach out to the community through paddle sports education, conservation efforts, and involvement in the community supporting TSRA. She wants to continue her amazing support to schools and events but also create & lead new programs at TSRA including the Adaptive Paddling Program. She would also like to continue to facilitate the growing relationship of TSRA and Hook1 Outfitters.

Daniel Boone

Email: danielboone883@att.net

Daniel has been a TSRA member since 1980.  He is a current board member, past president and vice-president, instructor, past chair of Canoe and Kayak School, trip leader, and river adopter. He is also a TSRA representative on the TN Conservation Voters board. He has been an organizer of the Mill Creek clean-up for 29 years and is on the Conservation Committee. 

Goals: To continue to make TSRA the leading organization for improving paddling skills and promoting river safety. Daniel would like to maintain and improve our excellent group of instructors, to focus our conservation efforts on protecting headwater areas and to build strong relationships with other groups whose goals are to protect our streams. Most importantly to make what we do FUN!

Laurie BrunoLaurie Bruno

Email: lauriebruno@comcast.net

Laurie served on the 2017 TSRA board of directors where her concentration has been on water conservation this year.  She volunteered for the Dragon Boat Race, and Lost Loon. She has led a group river trip to the Ghost River Section, of the Wolf River. Laurie has also posted and led several more trips on TSRA-Paddler Chat, including a kayak/camping trip to the Current River, in Missouri.

Goals: To have as many paddlers educated in safety/rescue classes and to encourage many paddlers to do this yearly, so that it stays fresh on their minds. She will continue to pursue educating paddlers, on the issue of water conservation and is available to go to meetings and to represent TSRA.

David ColeDavid Cole

Email: david.cole@vanderbilt.edu

David enjoys leading TSRA whitewater trips, teaching at TSRA Roll School, and instructing at numerous TSRA paddling clinics. He is an all-season paddler and an avid conservationist who greatly admires the numerous TSRA river conservation efforts

Goals: He would love to help TSRA recruit more young people into its membership and paddling circles. 

Vinson DillVinson Dill

Email: vdill99@yahoo.com

Vinson grew up on Lake Barkley and started paddling canoes when he was 10 years old.  He has been a member of TSRA for more than 10 years. He is involved with access builds, stream clean ups, Roll Schools, as well as Swift Water and Basic River Rescue. 

Vinson served as a support boater for many TSRA trips and assisted with the Rendezvous auction this past year by helping to acquire donations for auction items. He is a supporter of the Cumberland River Compact, and active in the Dragon Boat Race Teams, serving as team captain for the NISSAN team the past 2 years. He has also assisted in TVCC Rescue Rodeo.

He is a retired Scoutmaster, and a leader/trainer in the leadership courses. Vinson is a good organizer, and a problem solver. He has been very involved with the Youth & Adult Boy Scout Whitewater School (Middle TN Council).

Goals: Vinson would like to see TSRA do more mechanizing for fundraising, and more importantly, letting the public know about TSRA. He wants to get more involved with TSRA by helping more with trips.  He would like to give back to the organization that has provided so much to him and our community. Our streams and watersheds need our protection for a sustainable future! 

Vincent FinamoreVincent Finamore

Email: vinnymoonshine@gmail.com

Vincent co-chaired the Canoe and Kayak School with great success this past year.  He also chaired and co-instructed 2 Intro-to-Paddling classes and co-instructed/supported a Basic River Rescue class.  He served on TSRA's 2017 board of directors and is in the process of archiving past board minutes to pdf format.

Goals: To continue to be involved with TSRA, to chair the Canoe and Kayak school this year, to continue his active role in the board meetings, and to also instruct and support additional paddling classes as needed. Vincent has earned his L2 instructors river certification and is beginning to work towards open water certification. He is committed to helping TSRA grow with new members in conservation and paddling diversity. 

Stacee IrwinStacee Irwin

Email: stacee.irwin@gmail.com

Stacee served on the TSRA board this past year.  She was introduced to TSRA through whitewater kayaking always asking “where can I learn?” 
Even though she has only served on the board for a year, she is always eager to be involved.  Instructing at Roll School, planning and instruction at Canoe and Kayak School as well leading and supporting several paddles throughout the year. 
Goals: My goal is to keep our rivers beautiful and safe with a strong community for our future generations.
As I have participated in several Swift Water Rescue, water safety, and advanced first aid classes, I like to stress the importance of better water safety. I hope to accomplish this by building a foundation on continued safety, conservation, and awareness over this next year on the board.  

Jack Lyle

Email: jacklyle@comcast.net

Jack is a long time TSRA member and board member.  He has chaired the Roll School for the last 13 years and has taught many paddling schools over the years.  He has also organized and operated what used to be called "Deck Boat School".  He has participated in clean ups, access builds, and most other TSRA events.  In addition, he leads trips for TSRA on rivers such as the Big South Fork of the Cumberland, as he has done for many years.

Goals: To keep TSRA solvent and active.  To bring more young paddlers into the organization.  To continue our threefold mission of river conservation, the teaching of paddling skills, and safety. 

Steve MorrisSteve Morris

Email: smorris@kbjmarchitects.com

Steve has served on the board for 4 years.  He has been involved in many schools, access builds, conservation efforts, river clean-ups, trip leading and special events. These involvements include: Canoe and Kayak School, Intro to Paddling, Lost Loon Triathlon, and leading numerous river trips and hiking trips and much more.  He has also assisted in the new Team River Runner endeavor.

Goals: As a fifth year board member he wants to continue all the efforts mentioned above. This past year he completed his L3 ACA canoe instructor certification and would like to become a canoe instructor and try to recruit new canoe paddlers.

James ParnellJames Parnell 

Email: james.parnell3422@gmail.com

James has been a volunteer instructor for over 5 years in roll clinics, Basic River Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, and Rescue Skills for Recreational Boaters. He holds ACA certifications as L4 swiftwater rescue instructor and L2 river kayak instructor. James chaired a record setting 2017 Rendezvous and will also Chair 2018 Rendezvous.

Goals: To be more actively involved with the preservation of our waterways. To help promote safe and proper use of those waterways.  He would like to grow his knowledge through deeper involvement and continue to make Rendevous TSRA's #1 fundraising event that paddlers come to from all over the world.

Donnie SaferDonnie Safer

Email: dsafer@comcast.net

Donnie has been proud to serve on the TSRA Board for the last 6 years. He has been an instructor at several Canoe and Kayak Schools, Hot Rolls, and Boy Scout classes and volunteered at Lost Loon. As former board chairman and current board member for the Tennessee Environmental Council, he keeps up with conservation and environmental issues around the state and brings those issues to the TSRA Board.  Donnie participated in collaborative efforts with other conservation and environmental groups including engaging with the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC)  on TSRA's lawsuit to protect the Cumberland River from coal ash pollution. 

Goals: To continue to work for a strong club: engage in conservation work for the club, support our schools, access projects, and other activities.  Continue to get out and paddle! 

John SchneiderJohn Schneider 

Email: John@BenefitEnrollmentServices.com

John has actively served on the TSRA Board the past 2 years and is seeking re-election. He has been involved in many areas of TSRA, including serving on the Rendezvous Committee and chairing the auction item sub-committee. John has assisted with instruction at the TSRA Roll School and organized the boater support at the Obed WaterFest on behalf of TSRA. He has assisted in leading TSRA trips down the BSF, Tellico, Hiwassee, and provided boater support on the Ocoee at the TSRA Canoe & Kayak Schools. This summer at the access build on the Big South Fork, he solicited and organized the volunteers. Since joining TSRA, John has completed the TSRA Basic River Rescue course, Swift Water Rescue course, and Canoe & Kayak School and Roll schools.

Goals: We need to promote and re-establish TSRA as the path for new boaters to learn safety and the necessary skills to enjoy all levels of paddling. Increasing new membership is vital to this process. I would like to assist TSRA in marketing the resources we have to drive interest and membership. This will include efforts in the access projects, fundraising, and membership growth and increase the awareness of TSRA among the non-paddling public and government agencies. In the past I have had the opportunity to serve as President on several non-profit boards and feel this experience would help me be an asset to TSRA.  I would also like to facilitate the group efforts of TSRA, TWRA and the Harpeth River Watershed Association & other agencies. 

Patty ShultzPatty Shultz 

Email: patty@shultzonline.com

Patty has been an active member since 2005 and has served on the board for a number of years.  She loves to be in and on the water so it's a natural to be involved in TSRA.  Her main focus has been in making the waters of TN more accessible for paddlers, fishermen and swimmers.  She has been involved with the access committee since its beginning, writing grants and helping with over 20 access builds.  Patty has also been involved with cleanups, TSRA projects and conservation efforts.

Goals: I would continue to work on access Issues with the goal of making more of Tennessee's waterways available to paddlers, fishermen and swimmers. 

Andrea WhiteAndrea White

Email: andrea@andreawhite.com

Andrea is a Hook1 Paddling Pro, an ACA certified instructor, a staunch advocate for recreational boater paddling safety in middle Tennessee, and has volunteered at many TSRA events over the last several years. From a leadership standpoint, she worked closely with the Board first as an avid volunteer in 2016 and then as a board member in 2017. With her championship TSRA launched Rescue for Recreational Boaters, streamlined event registration procedures for all TSRA events, partnered with MTSU for a project to energize TSRA marketing ideas, and opened the door to further partnership with Nashville’s Metro Parks for paddling events. As a Board Member, she took on the dual challenge of being Chair of Marketing and Chair of Recreational Boater activities. Under her leadership TSRA has gained a dozen more ACA certified instructors, taken the recreational paddling curriculum from 1 class to 6 classes (mostly sold out), and brought new ideas to the table that are significantly expanding membership and fundraising.  Additionally, the newsletter was revamped, we launched a Facebook group, and TSRA began experimenting with online advertising and promotion opportunities using Facebook advertising and Eventbrite event management. These advances were particularly notable as a member of the team driving success at Rendezvous 2017 with record attendance and fundraising.

Goals: I want to continue to grow the pool of ACA certified instructor volunteers and improve training opportunities for recreational paddlers.  Additionally, I want to use partnerships, technology and elbow grease to enhance TSRA’s ability to connect with our greater community, in general, and, specifically, to make a difference in paddling safety across Tennessee. 

Charlie Wilkerson

Email: ctwilkerson@outlook.com

Charlie is an avid canoeist and has served as President, 2005, 2012, 2013, & 2014, plus Vice-President, and Board member for over 20 years. Charlie continues to instruct at Canoe and Kayak School, Roll School,  BasicRiver Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, and maintains the following certifications: ACA Canoe Instructor, ACA Swift Water Rescue Instructor, and Wilderness First Aid.

Goals: Charlie wants to continue to help grow the organization by working to add access sites, improve communication to membership, and to continue teaching others. 

Kaylen WilsonKaylen Wilson

Email: kaylenwilsonphotography@gmail.com

Kaylen has attended two TSRA schools including Rescue Skills for Recreational Boaters and Basic River Rescue.  She was also on TSRA's team for the Dragon Boat races this year.

Goals: I think education is one of TSRA's biggest contributions to Middle Tennessee as a whole. As a Board member, I'd love to help manage what TSRA currently does while looking for ways to expand what we're able to offer. The paddle schools are so informative and I'd love to see more of those become available. Knowledge is empowering and, when it comes to paddling, can save lives. Paddle schools also offer fun ways to build our paddling community. I'd love to see TSRA's scope of who we're able to reach expand via social media and smart marketing.

Another goal I have as a potential Board Member is to create a program where TSRA partners up with local veterans to give them opportunities to experience the healing power of being on the water. This is not a new idea, but it's an idea that I haven't seen brought to life in the Nashville area. As a social worker with a "kayaking problem," I've always wanted to combine my love for helping people with my passion for kayaking. This program could be a beautiful start to that. I think it could also expand to going beyond just veterans but really anyone who could use a dose of nature (especially on a local river). 

Woody Woodall

Email: tilted.rivers@gmail.com





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