TCV Score Card

Want to know what your state legislators are doing for the environment? Not sure who your Tennessee legislators are?

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Since 2003, TCV has released a Legislative Scorecard that scores legislators based on their voting records for environmental legislation. The Scorecard is published as a clear and concise record of legislators’ voting patterns. The names of legislators are listed in alphabetical order. 

Each legislator's score will represent the sum of positive and negative actions in important environmental legislation during the 2013 session. Legislators receive a positive point for sponsorship and/or voting for a bill that protects the environment. They receive a negative point for sponsorship and/or voting for a bill with a negative impact on our environment.

We encourage you to use this information when contacting legislators, and hold your legislators accountable for their actions!

Click here if you would like to download the 2015 PDF with more detail about the scores.  Click here for past years' TCV Scorecards.