Water Action Alert - $35 million amendment proposal

March 29, 2017

We need your help!
Several Republican leaders have stepped up to support desperately-needed funding for conservation: our water and wildlife, our farmland, and historic sites. A $35 million budget amendment has been introduced!

Protecting forests along our rivers and streams is THE single most important action we can take to protect our water quality

We applaud this initiative and we hope you will lend your support too by emailing the Governor and Members of the Senate and House Finance Ways and Means Committees to
encourage their endorsement of this amendment.

These actions could make THE difference for the rare life and abundant water we enjoy in Tennessee, and for our treasured historic places and our diminishing farmland. It could save our natural world for future generations, for wildlife and for our economy. Please help and send these emails now, Forever Green Tennessee will be have meetings with legislators all next week. Your support could make the difference!


Call: Gov. Haslam at 615-741-2001

Please forward this email to your friends and colleagues and ask them to help!