Volunteer to Instruct

by Vicki Crumpton and Ed Ford

Not long after our birth, TSRA realized the need to train our members to develop their paddling skills. So we sent a few people away to learn more about canoeing. Those folks came back to teach, and Canoe School was born.

Today, TSRA holds some kind of training event almost every month of the year. Beginning with roll school early each year, we’re training tandem boaters, kayakers, sea kayakers, solo boaters and even crazy play boaters these days. We also teach self rescue and swiftwater rescue classes. Because all of our instructors are volunteers, our schools raise money which TSRA reinvests in our other central mission: conservation.

Those of us who’ve gotten into teaching realize what a tremendous benefit it is—to us. We watch people who haven’t been in a boat or who may be apprehensive about being upside down in one of those pointy kayaks take great leaps of skill and have a lot of fun in the process. What virtually every instructor soon realizes is the student isn’t the only one who takes great leaps of skill and has a lot of fun in the process. We do, too. One year at introduction to paddling clinic, I heard a new instructor exclaim, “Now I see why y’all like to teach. It’s so much FUN!”

Effective teaching, however, takes time, commitment, and training. Each year, usually in late April or early May, TSRA provides an instructor seminar designed to prepare potential new instructors for their role and to give experienced instructors a chance to review, update, and share their skills.  The TSRA training committee hopes you’ll check the yearly activities calendar and join us in the adventure of teaching others the sport we love so much.

Volunteer to Help at TSRA School

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Kayak and canoe classes at Introduction to Paddling  ©Henry Ambrose