Roll School

Winter Roll School 2019 
Dates TBD

You too can learn the invaluable skill of rolling your kayak or canoe, and it's actually fun!

Ever have that “upside down” feeling in your boat?
Not sure what to do next?

Thinking, “It’s difficult to breathe here”. What do I do? Then it happens,
you pop your spray skirt and you’re back in an Oxygen rich environment.
Let’s think about this for a moment. If only I could roll…

Sign up for TSRA’s roll school. Again this year, our volunteer instructors will converge to teach folks, just like you, how to roll their boat. Canoe, kayak, doesn’t matter. If it’s outfitted to roll, we will be happy to teach the basics and have you rolling your boat before you know it.

What is it?
For many years TSRA has held a winter roll clinic in the comfort of a heated pool. You’ll receive instruction and support from an experienced instructor in a friendly, non-threatening environment. Learning this unusual skill makes kayaking and canoeing easier and more fun! If you already know how to roll, this clinic is great for sharpening up your skills before spring paddling begins. Please bring your own equipment.

For questions, please contact Stacee Irwin at 209-535-6218 or

Where is it?
The 2019 TSRA Roll School will be held at the Gentry Center Pool on the campus of Tennessee State University. Directions

When is it?
2019 Dates TBD

You must be a TSRA member to attend this school. In addition, you must either be a member of the American Canoe Association (ACA) or pay the ACA event fee. Costs are:
Roll School Fee: $50
And if you are not a TSRA or ACA member:
TSRA Membership: $25
ACA Event Fee: $15 

**students under age 12 require a parent to be present**

TSRA Roll School is a great way to learn a much needed skill, and at the same time meet a lot of great TSRA folks! On most evenings after the school, a group meets at a local eatery and bar for relaxation and camaraderie. All are welcome!