TSRA Wave Rider

Kayak Rescue Skills Day at Wave Country


Metro Parks is sharing the Wave Country facility with us for this very special opportunity to teach boater safety. Never before have boats been allowed at a public event at the wave pool.

*This will be an open house style event with sessions beginning approximately every hour.  The last group will be allowed in at 3:30 p.m.*

Spend a day at Wave Country in a *one-time only* opportunity to ride the waves in your kayak and learn open water/lake safety skills on one of the largest open water simulators in the Southeast! While we don’t have oceans here in Nashville, we do get some pretty severe pop-up storms that can wreak havoc on your day at the lake, not to mention the waves created when a few power boats go by!

Here's what you'll learn:
• How to get back in your boat in the middle of the lake
• How to help an incapacitated boater back to shore
• How to empty a boat full of water in the middle of the lake
• How to plan for a safe day on the lake
• How to prepare for surprises
• What the law requires for kayaks on the water in Tennessee

We hope casual boaters who just like floating on the lake with family and friends will join us for a fun day at the wave pool to learn a little more about how to take their paddling group out safely. A smidgen of knowledge goes a long way toward ensuring you have a good day on the water. You don’t have to be scared, but you do need to be prepared!

Instructors from TSRA, TWRA, Caney Fork Outdoors Whitewater Team, Jackson Kayak, Hook1 Outfitters, and Run-A-Muck Outfitters will provide water safety information and on-the-water training to do self and assisted rescues on lakes and in other deep water scenarios. Other instructor partners and sponsors to be announced.

This event is staffed 100% by volunteers who are passionate about sharing our love of water sports and know – first hand – about the importance of education about water safety and rescue techniques.

This event is open to the public. However, If you would like to purchase a membership you can do so here. $25 covers your ENTIRE household for 1 year. 100% of membership dues support river and watershed conservation in Tennessee.

Without our partners and sponsors none of this could happen!