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Rendezvous FAQ's

Why go to Rendezvous?

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Have you ever wondered what TSRA's annual Rendezvous is all about?  This 9-minute presentation will give you the insider's scoop on all the fun!  This video was submitted by one of our whitewater paddlers. It contains some video with sound so make sure your speakers are at appropriate listening levels.  ****FEEL FREE TO FAST FORWARD**** 


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is the event?

A: Normally, the first weekend of April. Check our calendar for this years dates.

Q: When is registration?

A: Registration for Rendezvous 2024 opens Friday, January 4th. 

Q: How important is it to register early?

A: VERY! Many activities are based on headcount (meals, T-shirts, cabin assignments, volunteer trip leaders, etc). Early registration is the only way to guarantee meals, cabin and swag. 

Q: What if I don’t early register?

A: You may register after early registration closes, either online or at the event, but the cost goes up and there is no guarantee of meals, cabin or swag.

Q: What if I can only be there for part of the event?

A: Because this event is TSRA’s primary fundraiser AND because there is a cost to TSRA to use Camp Nakanawa AND because your registration fee helps to fund conservation, river access and educational efforts, we ask that you register, pay and sign the appropriate waivers (above). A single-day registration is available for Saturday only at a reduced cost. 

Q: What if I register but then can’t come?

A: TSRA events are organized and run by volunteers. Our volunteers need time to reserve staff, equipment and facilities, make meal counts, and a host of other things. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee refunds requested after early registration ends. All refunds are subject to a $10 administrative fee.



Q: What are the cabins like?

A: They are rustic. By that, we mean primitive! Each cabin has single beds; some have bunks or a combination of both, and sleep from 4-10, depending on cabin size. No bed linen is provided, so bring your own pillow, sheets, blankets or sleeping bag. There also is no heat or air conditioning. Mattresses are what you would expect in a camp, not much support. Some people enhance their beds with Therm-o-rest pads, etc. Most front doors are screens; for more privacy, you can thumbtack fabric or a lawn trash bag over it. No outlets in your cabin? Bring an inexpensive light socket adaptor. This will allow you to plug in small items, like cell phones. Most cabins have clotheslines for hanging wet gear. Because camp is on the plateau, it can get chilly at night. Be prepared for any weather and know it can change daily! DO NOT bring electric heaters as they blow the fuses.

Q: Can I select my cabin on arrival if I did not do early registration?

A: No. Cabins are reserved and assigned during early registration. Come to the registration table to see if any cabins are still available. If you are a returning guest (and didn’t register OR didn’t receive an email confirmation), don’t assume the cabin you had in a previous year is reserved for you.

Q: Are there bathrooms in the cabins?

A: No. There is an open-air bathhouse in the building called Egypt (you can find it on the camp map). It has men and women toilets and showers, but the sink area is shared. Please do not drink water in the shower as it comes from the lake.

Q: Where do I get water and ice?

There is a spigot for drinking water at the center of camp near the small bathhouse. There is a convenience store down the road that sells ice. Most river trip caravans stop there to stock up.

Q: Can I tent camp or bring my RV?

A: Yes. There are areas for tents near the tennis courts. And yes to RVs as well, but with some rules because more people are bringing RVs and space is limited. People with 10-foot teardrop trailers can park a little past the loop to the right. Those with RVs over 10 feet MUST park in the area to the right BEFORE the loop starts. Look for the signs directing you. RVs over 10 feet can NOT go into the loop.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: Pets are welcome at camp, but they must be kept on a leash (and under control at all times) and are not allowed at any time in the Wigwam or dining hall. As a responsible pet parent, be sure to clean up after your pet.



Where do I park?

Parking can be challenging in some areas of camp, especially near the lake. Depending on where your cabin is located, it may be impossible to park a vehicle next to it. Please try to park respectfully and not block anyone in. (Paddlers have missed trips because they couldn’t get their cars out.) That may mean parking temporarily near your cabin to unload, then moving your car to one of the open parking areas.



Q: What is the meal plan?

A: The meal plan includes four meals: Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and dinner, and Sunday breakfast, served in the dining hall. The menu is generally omnivore, so plan accordingly if you have specific dietary needs or restrictions. All other meals are on your own. There is a grill available between the lake and the Wigwam.



Q: When can I arrive?

A: Please do not arrive at camp before noon Wednesday, April 1. Soon after you arrive (generally before moving into your cabin), come to the Wigwam to check in. (The Wigwam is the main meeting area for most activities; see camp map). If you come to check in and find nobody manning the registration/check-in table, please check back later. The table is generally staffed during peak check-in times.

Q: What can I expect each day?

A: Wednesday is normally nothing more than establishing camp. A trip or two is often planned Wednesday evening for the following day. Most activities don’t start until Thursday. Generally, people gather in the Wigwam at 8 a.m. to finalize plans for the day’s activities. Depending on interest and water levels, a paddling trip and or hike can be expected. Friday is when things really start to come alive with the bulk of attendees showing up throughout the day. Dinner is served in the dining hall for those who purchased meal plans. Like Thursday, paddling trips and/or hikes can be expected on Friday. Evenings are spent in and around the Wigwam with music, stories of the day’s activities and talk of the following day’s activities. Saturday, folks grab breakfast in the dining hall, then gather around the Wigwam about 8 a.m. get information on where everyone is going. Check the trip board for details and add your name to the one that you want to join. Saturday evening you will not want to miss the silent auction in the dining hall and live auction in the Wigwam. It is definitely the highlight of the weekend. Sunday, the last meal is served and you can gather at the Wigwam at about 8 a.m. to plan your day. This is the day we wrap things up at camp. You don’t have to go home (hopefully you’re going to the river), but you can’t stay here. We must turn the facility grounds back over by noon.

Q: What time do trips normally leave camp?

A: There are sign-up sheets posted on the bulletin board in the Wigwam with meeting time and place for all events and trips. The trip leader will set the time and meeting place. Best practice is to be at the Wigwam by 8:00 a.m., Central time. Lots of discussion happens at this time based on water level reports, skill level and interests.

Q: What other ways do I get information about trips?

A: A lot of trip planning takes place informally. So don’t be shy about joining in the conversations and discussions with seasoned paddlers, hikers and camp attendees – they can help direct you in your decisions. You can also check at the registration table and we’ll point you to someone who can help!



Q: Why is there an auction?

A: Rendezvous auctions are TSRA’s primary fundraiser for the year! There are actually two…one silent and one live (and, frankly, loud). You are encouraged to attend and participate fully in both auctions – a lot of great swag is to be had. Bring cash, debit card or check.

Q: How would you describe the live auction?

A: The live auction, held in the Wigwam on Saturday night after dinner, is a high-energy, jaw-dropping, laugh-inducing evening of goofiness for a great cause. Amazing items are donated by outfitters, individuals, paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts. Many items are available to view prior to the auction…you never know what will show up for bid!

Q: Can I donate items to the live auction?

A: Absolutely! Ideally, you will give your live auction item(s), descriptions and suggested starting bid to auction coordinator Vinson Dill prior to the start of Rendezvous so they can be displayed in the Wigwam. You can also bring your item(s) to the registration table and include a note of what the item is and who donated it. Because time allotted to the live auction is limited, know that it’s possible your item may end up in the silent auction.

Q: What is the silent auction like?

A: Described as a “yard-sale of river booty and other awesome new and used items that the donor no longer needs,” the silent auction is held in the dining hall starting Friday night. Browse at your leisure until the auction closes Saturday shortly before the live auction begins.

Q: Can I donate items to the silent auction?

A: Yes! We encourage you to dig through your gear bags and closets for treasures you wish to share with the next generation, and donate them to the silent auction. Email Vinson Dill with your item descriptions and a suggested starting price, or bring your item with you to on-site registration.

Q: Can I buy/sell/trade my personal items?

A: Yes. If you have personal items you want to sell, trade or barter, you may do so outside of auction times. Boats can be placed at the Wigwam porch with a note attached so everyone knows the specifics.


Q: What is the weather like during Rendezvous?

A: On the plateau, expect anything. But… here is a link for Crossville, the closest area forecast:

Q: Where can I check water levels?




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