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Protecting clean water and free-flowing rivers in TN has always been TSRA's core mission.  However, we like to get out on the river and get others out to have fun and grow appreciation for our local resources! 

Whether we are cleaning a river or stream, paddling, building an access site or teaching a school the members of TSRA enjoy their time most on the water.  We hope you will take some time to learn about our schools and programs and most of all, we hope to see you on the river!

Our programs rely on volunteers.  Please explore them, get involved and help us make a difference!


Blueway Access

TSRA has been working to provide
environmentally sound and user
friendly access points to rivers
and water ways since 2006.

Adopt - A - River

Come talk bugs with us at our
annual stream survey seminar April 23rd! We plan to talk about invertebrates,
habitats that affect bugs and fish, and
water chemistry/ quality that affects
stream environments


TSRA works with cities, government, legislators, and volunteers towards the protection, conservation, and
restoration of watershed resources.

Paddling Schools

and Safety Clinics

TSRA offers a wide variety of paddling schools and safety clinics throughout the year for paddlers of all skill levels in recreational and whitewater boats.




Become a Member

Membership is only $25 a year per family household!  TSRA members are invited to
TSRA schools and member trips. Membership funds go towards TSRA's core program efforts.



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