2019 Board Nominees

Current members may vote one time for up to 18 candidates. Please, only two adult votes per household membership. If you are not a current member, then your vote will not be counted. You must be 18 years or older to vote.


If you are not a current member, you may join TSRA or renew your membership by clicking hereOnline voting will end Sunday, December 9th at noon Central Standard Time. 

Gary Weatherford, current President, will automatically serve on the 2019 Board as ex-officio Board Member.

Sally Barr |  Jessie BeckettDaniel Boone | Wesley Brown | Philip ByardDavid ColeVinson Dill | Jon Doliana Sr.Vincent FinamoreDeb GilbertsonStacee Irwin | Steve Morris | Rachel Newcomb | Ginger Royster | Jonathan RyanDonnie Safer |‚Äč John Schneider | Patty Shultz | Charlie Wilkerson | Kaylen Wilson | James (Woody) Woodall 


Sally BarrSally Barr

Sally has served as secretary of the TSRA Board since 2011 and has been a TSRA member since 2004. She has been involved as chair, co-chair and volunteer of Canoe and Kayak School for 8 years. She has participated in and provided support for Lost Loon Triathlon, Basic River Rescue, Roll School, Swift Water Rescue, access builds and river clean ups.

Goals:  Sally will participate in TSRA fundraisers that support access builds and conservation efforts. She is committed to assist with Canoe and Kayak School and plans to provide paddle instruction and safe boating skills for beginning recreational and whitewater kayakers. 


Jessie Beckett

Jessie has volunteered at Rescue for Recreational Boaters, Intro to Paddling, Intro to Rivers, Canoe & Kayak School, Rendezvous, Roll School, Lost Loon Triathlon, booth (expo) events, and waterway clean-ups. She is building her skills as a certified ACA instructor (river-running, & touring/sea-kayaking) as well as staying involved in adaptive paddling programs in Middle Tennessee.  Jessie has been involved with Team River Runner as well as safety coordinator/community outreach for Heroes on the Water which reach out to our military veterans.  In 2018 Jessie started doing outreach in elementary schools spreading the importance (and excitement) of paddling safety while molding young minds!

Goals:  To reach out to the community through paddle sports education, conservation efforts, and involvement in the community supporting TSRA.  She wants to continue her amazing support to schools and events, but also stay involved and help build stronger programs at TSRA involving the Adaptive Paddling Program.  She would also like to continue to facilitate the growing relationship of TSRA and Hook 1 Outfitters.

Daniel Boone

Daniel has been a TSRA member since 1980.  He is a current board member, past president and vice-president, instructor, past chair of Canoe and Kayak School, trip leader, and river adopter. He is also a TSRA representative on the TN Conservation Voters board. He has been an organizer of the Mill Creek clean-up for 29 years and is on the Conservation Committee. 

Goals: To continue to make TSRA the leading organization for improving paddling skills and promoting river safety. Daniel would like to maintain and improve our excellent group of instructors, to focus our conservation efforts on protecting headwater areas and to build strong relationships with other groups whose goals are to protect our streams. Most importantly to make what we do FUN!


Wesley Brown 

Wesley has been a boater since age 11 starting with the Boy Scouts paddling open canoes on local rivers and in Canada. He fell in love with the water as soon as they placed a paddle in his hand. In 2014, he transitioned to whitewater and the love of water became a lifestyle instead of a hobby. Since the transition to whitewater he has participated in TSRA’s swift water rescue (SWR) clinics every year and now assists with SWR with his fellow boaters. As his love grew, he has learned to paddle R2, kayaks, and is now trying his hand at open boats where it all started. He looks forward to serving the members of the paddle community as a board member with TSRA in 2019.

Goals: Wesley has not had the chance to help with any projects outside of Swift Water Rescue as an assistant.  He would like to see SWR offered and open to boaters twice a year as well as serve the board and its needs. His goal is to be a great representative and share the love he has for the water with everyone he encounters.

Philip Byard

Philip started Nashville World Kayak and during his ambassadorship, he hosted the plateau games, a 3 race whitewater series and continues to hold new events.

He collaborated and judged at Alabama Mountain Games, helped launch various other paddling resources and is a TSRA Access committee member. Philip helped take Nashville Whitewater from 27 members when he first found it to more than 1000 members today! Recently he stepped down from Nashville WK as ambassador. He has also worked to host Muddy Rivers Festival, a celebration of the Roaring River and its tributaries. Philip is also a Davidson County Master Gardener.

Philip has completed TSRA Instructor course and is planning on attaining Level IV ACA certification soon. He is on the TSRA access committee and is helping out with Team River Runner's Nashville chapter.  He also enjoys leading trips at TSRA's fundraiser, Rendezvous, each year.

Goals:  Philip's newest goal is to clean up Millcreek and make it a fun paddling destination for locals when the rain is going. He would also continue to lead river trips, work with the access committee, instruct at the many TSRA schools, advocate paddling sports, bring in new members, invent new events, volunteer, work with the Swift Water Rescue and promote the passion of a safe and fun time in the paddling world!


David Cole

David enjoys leading TSRA whitewater trips, teaching at TSRA Roll School and instructing at numerous TSRA paddling clinics. He is an all-season paddler and an avid conservationist who greatly admires the numerous TSRA river conservation efforts. David also teaches instructors how to teach the roll. He has led whitewater trips for TRSA down the Big South Fork, Clear Creek, Daddy's Creek, and the Ocoee.

His conservation efforts recently at TSRA have been to gather information about the Brimstone water quality problem. He also served on the TSRA Bylaws committee in 2018.     

Goals: As a TSRA board member, David's goals would be to help with roll school, lead whitewater trips as needed, initiate and lead an annual Jack Lyle BSF whitewater trip, and continue to help with the Brimstone project.

Vinson Dill

Vinson DillVinson served on TSRA's 2018 Board of Directors.  He grew up on Lake Barkley and started paddling canoes when he was 10 years old.  He has been a member of TSRA for more than 10 years. He is involved with access builds, stream clean ups, Roll Schools, as well as Swift Water and Basic River Rescue. 

Vinson served as a support boater for many TSRA trips and assisted with the Rendezvous auction this past year by helping to acquire donations for auction items.  In 2019, He will chair the Rendezvous Auction.

During 2018, he chaired a membership committee that has revised new levels of membership that will soon be announced. We hope this will encourage members to support TSRA at a higher level while providing opportunities to receive benefits, i.e. limited addition merchandise.

He is a retired Scoutmaster, and a leader/trainer in the leadership courses. Vinson is a good organizer, and a problem solver. He has been very involved with the Youth & Adult Boy Scout Whitewater School (Middle TN Council).

Goals: Vinson would like to continue to find ways of letting the public know about our organization, and encourage more support and membership.  He would like to support activities that impact paddlers and the environment, in such a way that all parties are considered, and fair solutions are implemented. This is coming from many different angles this year, and not just regulatory, legal or legislative.

He would like to continue to give back to the organization that has provided so much to him and our community. Our Streams and Watersheds need our protection for a sustainable future.

Jon Doliana Sr.

As a young boy, Jon was involved in Scouting, he primarily worked on the waterfront with roll boats and canoes.  He also learned about conservation and how humans can help the planet. His father was a wilderness activist for Nebo Ridge when he was younger and he would take Jon with him, where he learned so much about soil and water conservation.

Jon is currently an Assistant Scoutmaster for troop 398 in Murfreesboro, TN.  He has been working with this troop for 18 years and is a teaches swimming, lifesaving, rowing, canoeing and kayaking, he is also a Merit Badge Counselor.  He has taught approximately 600 boys the above skills over the years and has volunteered numerous years at Boy Scout Summer camp on the water front, to help boys with their practical skills in boating.   

Jon joined TSRA in 2004 and went to Canoe and Kayak school to learn new skills.  His instructor was the late and great Jack Lyle, who was very knowledgeable and very patient with the class.  Jon learned a lot from Jack and took what he learned back to the Troop.  In 2005 Jack sent Jon an e-mail saying that they were putting on an Instructor course to be an instructor with TSRA and that there would be two Olympic kayakers teaching.  Jon jumped at the chance and learned so much over that weekend.

After that he volunteered at events that TSRA put on and every year to help TSRA at the Canoe and Kayak class with whatever they needed.  Most of the time he was selected as either the Instructor or Co-Instructor for the class.  He has always thought about the way Jack taught the class and tries to impart his knowledge and wisdom to the new class of students.

Last month he attended the L2 kayaking class conducted by David Evens to increase his usefulness to help TSRA move forward with their agenda.  Jon is particularly interested in Environmental issues and issues dealing with kayaking and boater safety.  

Vincent Finamore

Vincent has chaired Canoe and Kayak School, helped teach Intro to Rivers, Intro to Paddling and also helped with Lost Loon. He served as back up for recording meeting minutes on occasion this year. He also digitized past TSRA newsletters for the association archives.             

Goals: Vincent looks forward to continuing to serve TSRA and helping TSRA grow in our mission to protect TN waters and promote safe paddling.



Deb Gilbertson

Deb has been a member of TSRA for several years. It's not just something she does but its a real part of her. To hear her talk about TSRA, you can tell she has a passion for the people, community, and rivers.  She has had a rough couple of years, but that has not changed her love for this community and what she has always called Family. 

Goals: To continue spreading the good works of TSRA, volunteering at events, and most importantly playing a key role at TSRA as our Treasurer.



Stacee Irwin

Stacee has helped teach, support and co-chair C&K school. She also helped at roll school and will be chairing Roll School in 2019. She has lead numerous kayaking trips and served on the board for 2 years.                 

Goals: Continuing education and safety while promoting a strong healthy community!



Steve Morris

Steve served on the board for the last 5 years.  He has been involved in several schools, access builds, conservation efforts, river clean-ups, trip leading and special events. These involvements include: Canoe and Kayak School, Intro to Paddling, Lost Loon Triathlon, Dragon Boat and trip leading numerous river trips and hiking trips.  He has also assisted in the Team River Runner endeavor. 

Goals: As a sixth year board member he wants to continue all the efforts mentioned above. He plans to lead the Team River Runner Nashville chapter to introduce paddling to veterans. He plans to continue trip leading both paddling and hiking trips. In 2016 he received his L3 ACA canoe instructor certification and would like to become a canoe instructor and try to recruit people back to the diminishing art of canoeing.

Rachel Newcomb 

Rachel has been involved with Swift Water Rescue since she started paddling. She has a love for the river like no one you will ever meet! She is willing to help with whatever needs to be done. 


Ginger Royster

Ginger is new to the world of paddling.  In her first year she participated in a 1 hour and a 3 hour recreational boater class, She have taken an intro to rivers class with TSRA, and has started dipping her toes into white water!  Ginger is all about being overly prepared for situations that may occur and intends to take the river/lake rescue course, swift water rescue and roll school next year to increase her paddling skills. She is a member of TSRA and hopes to volunteer at upcoming events. 

Goals: To help develop ways to clean and preserve our waterways and to keep them beautiful for everyone to enjoy.  Ginger would like to get more young people involved in the sport as well as it's conservation efforts.  She would like to help start programs in schools to teach students the importance of PFD’s and also find a way to offer swimming clinics for those who are may not be able to afford more expensive classes.

Jonathan Ryan

Jonathan has taught over 15 classes since 2016. Jonathan brings valuable expertise in open water boating which is an area for potential growth and diversification of TSRA offerings and membership.

Goals: Jonathan would like to continue instructing kayaking and swiftwater rescue, as well as developing & improving the quality of TSRA's instruction.


Donnie Safer

Donnie has been on the Board since 2013 and a TSRA member since 2002.  He is active in TSRA conservation efforts and has volunteered on several access builds.  Donnie has instructed at many Canoe and Kayak Schools and has helped at Roll School. 

Goals: As a TSRA Board Member he would like to continue helping the Club in both boating and conservation efforts. TSRA has a special role and interest in clean water protection and improvement - paddling is a lot more fun in clean water!


John Schneider

John is the current TSRA Vice President and been a TSRA Board the past 3 years and is seeking re-election. He has been involved in many areas of TSRA, including serving on the Rendezvous Committee and chairing the Auction. John has assisted with instruction at the TSRA Roll School and organized the Boater Support at the Obed WaterFest on behalf of TSRA. He has assisted in leading TSRA trips down the Ocoee, BSF, Tellico and Hiwassee for Rendezvous and the TSRA Canoe & Kayak Schools. He has assisted with several Access Builds and solicited and organized the volunteers. Since joining TSRA, he has completed the TSRA Basic River Rescue course, Swift Water Rescue course, and Canoe & Kayak School and Roll schools. 

Goals: We need to promote and re-establish TSRA as the path for new boaters to learn safety and the necessary skills to enjoy all levels of paddling. Increasing new membership is vital to this process. I would like to assist TSRA in marketing the resources we have to drive interest and membership. This will include efforts in the access projects, fundraising, and membership growth and increase the awareness of TSRA among the non-paddling public and Government Agencies. In the past I have had the opportunity to serve as President on several non-profit boards and feel this experience would help me be an asset to TSRA.  I would also like to facilitate the group efforts of TSRA, TWRA and the Harpeth River Watershed Association & other Agencies.


Patty Shultz

Patty has been an active member since 2005 and has served on the board for a number of years.  She loves to be in and on the water so it's a natural to be involved in TSRA.  Her main focus has been in making the waters of TN more accessible for paddlers, fishermen and swimmers.  She has been involved with the access committee since its beginning, writing grants and helping with over 20 access builds.  Patty has also been involved with cleanups, TSRA projects and conservation efforts.

Goals: I would continue to work on access Issues with the goal of making more of Tennessee's waterways available to paddlers, fishermen and swimmers.

Charlie Wilkerson

Charlie is an avid canoeist and has served as President, 2005, 2012, 2013, & 2014, plus Vice-President, and Board member for over 20 years. Charlie continues to instruct at Canoe and Kayak School, Roll School, BasicRiver Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, and maintains the following certifications: ACA Canoe Instructor, ACA Swift Water Rescue Instructor, and Wilderness First Aid. 

Goals: Charlie wants to continue to help grow the organization by working to add access sites, improve communication to membership, and to continue teaching others.

Kaylen Wilson

Kaylen has attended two TSRA schools including Rescue Skills for Recreational Boaters and Basic River Rescue.  She was also on TSRA's team for the Dragon Boat races this year.

Goals: I think education is one of TSRA's biggest contributions to Middle Tennessee as a whole. As a Board member, I'd love to help manage what TSRA currently does while looking for ways to expand what we're able to offer. The paddle schools are so informative and I'd love to see more of those become available. Knowledge is empowering and, when it comes to paddling, can save lives. Paddle schools also offer fun ways to build our paddling community. I'd love to see TSRA's scope of who we're able to reach expand via social media and smart marketing.

James "Woody" Woodall

Woody is a life member of TSRA, a canoe instructor, swiftwater rescue instructor.  He has also served as past school chair for Intro to Paddling and Canoe/Kayak School. For years he continued to teach canoeing, Basic River Rescue and Swiftwater Rescue. He volunteers at TSRA's largest fundraiser, the Lost Loon Triathlon.  He works on river access builds, served on the Board of Directors for several years and served as President of TSRA for three years.  

Goals:  To continue to promote TSRA's mission of river conservation as well as paddling and safety training.