Adopt A River Near You!

Would you like to adopt a river?

First adopt a stream you love and is near you.  That way you will already hike, drive, or boat it regularly.  You can adopt an unnamed creek or you can adopt a river as popular as the Hiwassee.  Don’t worry about overlapping with other adopters. That’s just more hands and eyes to help! 

As a TSRA river adopter, you have to make only two commitments:

1. Monitor your river or stream regularly and conduct a stream survey once a year.  Report your findings and activities to the AAR coordinator during October or earlier each year to help us keep the database updated.

2. Contact TSRA if you see a problem

TSRA will provide you with a WELCOME package that includes phone numbers, addresses, warning signs to look for in your stream, and everything else you need to make it easy and get started!

Take the first step here: If you have further questions feel free to contact AAR Coordinator David Pelren at or 1704 Heathrow Dr., Cookeville, TN 38506.